Waves Soundgrid System installed

I am very happy to announce the installation of a Waves Soundgrid System at Schleiwies Stuio with additional Soundgrid Server for more plugin processing power. It´s a very stable system with 0.8ms ultra low latency throughout the whole system, which is capable of routing and streaming high res audio through multi-room setups. Due to the […]

Studer A800 2″ 16 Track headstack

I love the sound of 2″ 24 track but even more I adore the sound of 2″ 16 track! So finally I was able to acquire a 16 track headstack for my Studer A800! The result is: more dynamic range & less hiss! So the new signal flow for mixing is: Pro Tools –>Antelope DA –> […]

New arrival: Vintage Gretsch Roundbadge Kit

This wonderful vintage Gretsch round badge drum kit travelled all the way from New York city to Munich and now arrived safely in my studio! I am really excited to have this amazing set as our new studio´s recording kit! It just sounds absolutely fabulous!

Sound City (The Movie)

There is a great movie coming out on 2/1/2013 directed by Dave Grohl about the legendary Sound City Studio in LA. It´s the official selection for Sundance Film Festival 2013 so check it out:  

What to do with lifeless Tracks?

I often have to deal with very bad recorded tracks which sound lifeless and dull! Most of the time the problem results from the combination of cheap digital recording equipment and too small recording environments. Either the rooms are not acoustically treated at all or the acoustics are killed with some kind of foam. It´s […]


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