Binaural, Decca Tree or Multitrack Remote Recording Studio

Specialized in recording musicians playing together in acoustically interesting spaces.

Decca Tree,
or Multitrack recording.

We believe in recording musicians, playing together in acoustically interesting spaces with the least amount of microphones.

Recording can be so much more fun and satisfying than to overdub track by track in the same dead old boring tracking room, comping tracks together and editing the life out of every single performance down to a grid.

The world is full of interesting recording spaces and nothing compares to record a group of musicians playing together at the same time in the same room, with no click track, using the least amount of microphones through high end pre-amps and great converters.

We are specialized in high resolution Binaural Recordings using our Neumann KU-100 Binaural dummy head microphone for an amazingly realistic way of recording small acoustic ensambles, Singer-Songwriters, or Jazz combos. For bigger groups, choirs or full orchestras we use our Decca tree with a Blumlein Ribbon mic as the center and two Neumann KM-133 omnis mics with sound diffraction spheres as sides, based on the old M50 microphones. For both options we can offer hydraulic stands wich can reach 10 meters high to record even the biggest pipe organs in huge cathedrals.

We also can bring our full collection of vintage microphones like the Neumann U47, M49 and U67 and record a band live with our Burl Mothership in a mobile studio kind of way.


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  • Neumann KU-100 Binaural

    Neumann U47, M49, U67 and many many more...