Arriflex 535 3-Perf Rental

Independent Filmmaker Bundle:

Complete, ready to shoot 35mm Analog Arriflex 535b 3-Perf Sync Sound Camera with Canon Sumire 24mm t1.5 cine lens and Cartoni C20s fluid head tripod for your project!

500 € / Day

1x ARRIFLEX 535b Camera Body (3-perf) with IVS Video Assist (PAL)
1x ARRI 2.35 Ground Glass, Format Mask and ARRI Glow (installed)
1x Canon Sumire 24mm T 1.5 Cine Lens
1x ARRI BP-5 Bridgeplate, Dovetail and 19mm rods
1x ARRI FF-3 Follow Focus
1x ARRI MB-16 Matt Box with two 4x4 Filter Holder
1x TIFFEN 4x4 ND .3 Filter
1x TIFFEN 4x4 ND .6 Filter
1x TIFFEN 4x4 ND .9 Filter
2x ARRI M-11 120m (400 feet) Magazines
1x ARRI FE-3 Viewfinder Extension
1x ARRI EL-3 Viewfinder Leveler
1x ARRI RCU-1 Control Unit and Cable
1x ARRI Rain Cover
1x Atomos Ninja V with AtomX SDI, AtomX Battery Eliminator and cables
1x Hawk Woods RP-250N Reel Power Battery
1x Hawk Woods RP-100H Reel Power Batter
1x Hawk Woods RP-L1 Battery Charger
1x Cartoni C20s Fluid Head
1x Cartoni Tripod

Buy your 35mm Kodak Film Stock and
4k-Scanning here:

Package includes

Hawk Woods

The Look of Kodak Vison 3 Color Negative Film

  • ARRIFLEX 535b the camera that shot:

    Lord of The Rings

    No Country for Old Men

    Star Wars: The Phantom Menace


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